The Newest Sugar Daddy Dating Trend

When it comes to sugar baby dating, one of the common ground rules is that these relationships lack the commitment factor and they don’t culminate in marriage. However, one of the new sugar dating trends which have emerged has to be the fact that too many sugar babies end up wishing to get married and don the role of being a traditional housewife.

So, what is it that gives sugar babies the incentive to become traditional housewives? Let us see some of the driving factors behind it.

The dream of the perfect future
Regardless of how liberal or free-spirited a woman maybe, some of them dream of settling down, having a big house, having ample wealth so as not to worry about the bills and eventually raise kids of their own. Ideally, a sugar daddy can offer all of this and more. This is why if a sugar baby ends up developing some feelings for her sugar daddy; she might want to settle as a traditional house-wife.

The financial stability
No matter what books of philosophy we dig, we cannot rub off the fact that we all crave to have the right sense of financial stability and security in our lives. It is important to make sure that you can pay your bills. Often, as humans, we crave to splurge on luxury too. When sugar babies date sugar daddies; they get addicted to this sense of financial security. Hence, they may long to make it a permanent arrangement. This too is a contributing factor in their desire to get married and become housewives.

The young factor
To be honest, everyone loves to stay young. Sugar babies are well aware of the fact that if they end up marrying their sugar daddy, they would always be the younger ones in the relationship. No matter, how vain it may sound, it does help them feel good about their body image. Also, being younger means that the sugar daddy is also least likely to leave her for someone else as he already has someone hot, young, and dynamic for company.

The experience card
In the end, one cannot deny that sugar daddies tend to be massively experienced. They have seen a lot more life than the sugar babies and can also know much more in bed and even a relationship. Often, it is this extra level of maturity which ends up making a key difference.

So, these are some of the driving pillars which has kick-started the new sugar dating trend. It is not a surprise that too many sugar babies have expressed the desire to settle down and marry their sugar daddies. However, we recommend that one should be really sure about their feelings and not marry simply for the sake of wealth or luxury.

A marriage is supposed to be so much more than that. If there is mutual attraction and a sense of love, the couple can go ahead despite being a part of this form of arrangement dating.