When Should You End Your Sugar Daddy Dating Relationship?

You seem to have found the perfect sugar daddy dating arrangement. Both of you have gone past the initial stages of getting to know one another, met, and built a strong dating arrangement. All that sounds fantastic until you begin to see several red flags pop up here and there. What should you do now?

 A sugar daddy arrangement is a great avenue to have your desires granted, but l even something that enjoyable must come to an end sometimes. There are sugar daddies who are great and those who are not so great; the catch is knowing which red flags to take seriously and which to ignore; to know if your sugar daddy is not perfect or if he simply is not worth your time.

You are young and attractive; you shouldn’t waste all of that on a sugar daddy who doesn’t value you half as much. To help you figure out if and when your sugar daddy dating arrangement needs to end, we have created a list of red flags you should never ignore. Let them serve as an indication that it is time to end your arrangement dating relationships and move on to better things.  

When your Sugar Daddy doesn’t honor the terms of your contract
In sugar daddy dating, you must lay down a few ground rules to avoid complications and disrespect. An example of such is how much your sugar daddy agrees to pay you as a weekly or monthly allowance and what is and is not allowed in bed. If your sugar daddy has no regard for such rules, then you may need to end your relationship with him.  

If your Sugar Daddy is outrightly disrespectful
Disrespect is something you should never tolerate from anybody, more so form a sugar daddy. The mutual boundaries and respect that your sugar daddy arrangement is founded upon will serve as the foundation upon which a strong and healthy relationship can be built.

If you have observed that your sugar daddy has no respect for you, your values, boundaries, body, or personal opinions, you are in a toxic situation, and you need to get out as quickly as you can. A man having no regard for you or your boundaries is the first sign that a relationship needs to end.

If he behaves abusively towards you
Whether he takes you on shopping trips in Paris, buys you diamonds in London, or takes you on exotic trips around the pacific islands, an abusive man remains an abusive man. Your sugar daddy doesn’t have to hit you before you consider him as abusive or a threat to your wellbeing; there are several forms of abuse that exist. If your sugar daddy verbally, mentally, emotionally digitally, or sexually abuses you, you should end the relationship immediately. Physical and virtual stalking is also considered a form of abuse.

If your sugar daddy wants to take over the wheels of your like
An obsessive sugar daddy is never a good idea. This type of man wants to know every single redundant detail about your life, not because he cares but rather because he needs the information to control you.

Remember that your sugar daddy has no right to demand to know your whereabouts or who you associate with regardless of how many gifts he showers you with or how much he gives you as an allowance.   

This type of man comes with a truckload of emotional drama, and it is advisable to end it before it gets too serious.

If you are no longer satisfied with the sugar daddy dating arrangement
It is extremely selfish to drag your sugar daddy into a half-hearted, emotionally unsatisfying relationship for your self-centered reasons. If you are no longer satisfied with your sugar daddy dating relationship, let him know this instead of dragging him along on a mental and emotionally tasking rollercoaster.

Regardless of how much your sugar daddy gives you as an allowance, it is never okay to string him along after you have lost interest in the affair.

Finally, remember that you pull the strings here, and the relationship is over when you say it is. If your sugar daddy displays toxic traits or doesn’t make you happy, it is time to end the relationship for good.